ARIN 44 Day 2 Daily Recap

By Erin Scherer

Today marked the second and final day of the ARIN 44 Public Policy
and Members Meeting. These meetings always seem to come and go in a flash! We
enjoyed networking with friends old and new in Austin, Texas. Here’s a look at
the final events of ARIN 44.

Dia De Los ARIN 44

After breakfast and opening announcements, we got straight to
business and entered our final policy block of the meeting:

John Sweeting, Senior Director of Registration Services, followed
the policy block with his presentation about Identifier Technology Health Indicators (ITHI). He explained that the
goal of this system is to track the health of the Internet’s unique identifier
systems and presented a few statistics. John Curran, President and CEO, then
shared the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Activities

which contains updates about the joint work between all five Regional Internet
Registries (RIRs). Kevin Blumberg, NRO Number Council (NC) Member, followed
John and presented the NRO NC Report which went into a little more
detail about who the NRO is and shared some high level updates from this past
year. Kevin also took a few minutes to thank Jason Schiller, who served four
terms on the ASO AC (2008-2019) and received a round of applause from the
audience. Jennifer Bly, Public Affairs Specialist, then shared updates about
this year’s brand new ARIN Community Grant Program. We want to once again
congratulate our four grant recipients, and we look forward to seeing what
their projects accomplish to improve the Internet for all! Richard Jimmerson,
COO, and John Curran closed out this session with an Internet Routing Registry Update and an RPKI Update. We held an open mic session and
then we concluded the Public Policy portion of our meeting.

After a break, we returned to open the Members Meeting, which, as always, is open to all. Mark Kosters, Chief Technology Officer, was up first to share updates about our Engineering Department. We learned about what we’ve accomplished since ARIN 42 and heard some of Engineering’s upcoming initiatives. John Sweeting was up next to share his department update about the Registration Services team. We learned about the status of IPv4, IPv6, and current staff. Tina Morris, AC Chair, came to the microphone next to present the Advisory Council Report. She also took a moment to thank David Farmer for his 11 years of service to the Advisory Council. He was met with a warm standing ovation by the audience. Nancy Carter, Board of Trustees Treasurer, explained the state of our finances in her ARIN Financial Report, before Paul Andersen, Board of Trustees Chair, gave the final presentation of the day with his updates about the Board. He gave a few words of thanks to Regenie Frasër for her one year of service to the ARIN Board of Trustees, and another round of applause to David Farmer and Susan Hamlin for their service to the ARIN region. A wonderful way to end the meeting!

We concluded the meeting with another open mic session where we heard words of gratitude about the Fellowship Program. What a productive, fun, and (spooky) Halloween meeting! Thank you to all who participated in ARIN 44.

If you want to refer to anything you’ve seen so far, the slides
from the meeting have been posted online.
In the coming days, full transcripts and webcasts from the
meeting will be made available as well.

Another reminder to make sure you cast your vote in the ARIN Elections! Voting is now open and closes Friday, 8 November at 6:00 PM ET. And don’t forget to mark your calendars for ARIN 45 in Louisville, KY 26-29 April 2019. We will be accepting applications for the ARIN fellowship to ARIN 45 soon, so be sure to apply if you are interested!

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#ARIN44 Time to determine who had the best costume!

— Brian Jones (@brianjusa) November 1, 2019

I’m looking forward to speaking about the first year of the ARIN Community Grant Program at #ARIN44 today!

— Jennifer Bly (@jennbly) November 1, 2019

Jennifer Bly outlining the ARIN Grant Program at #ARIN44

— Bevil Wooding (@bevilwooding) November 1, 2019

Our President and CEO spent time with our wonderful group of Fellows this morning at #ARIN44

— ARIN (@TeamARIN) November 1, 2019

We appreciate you Dave! #IPv6

— Brian Jones (@brianjusa) November 1, 2019

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