Arm follows Stream purchase with acquisition of Treasure Data heralding a device-to-data IoT platform

By Anasia D’mello

Arm acquired enterprise data management provider, Treasure Data. The move also signals the launch of a new device-to-data IoT platform.

Technologies from Treasure Data, and the recently acquired Stream as well as Arm Mbed Cloud, will be combined to form what Arm calls the industry’s first end-to-end IoT connectivity, device and data management platform. The new Arm Pelion IoT Platform will enable organisations to quickly, securely and sustainably create actionable insights from IoT, enterprise and third-party data

The Internet of Things (IoT) will give businesses superpowers. Whether it’s an energy provider drawing data from its infrastructure to sense failures; a sensor-equipped building anticipating and then proactively dealing with occupants’ needs; or a retailer using data streams from its stores and warehouses to streamline operations – IoT systems can be transformational, says Dipesh Patel, president, IoT Services Group, Arm, on announcing the developments.

But unlike fictional superheroes who are often born with their abilities, any business wanting to develop IoT superpowers requires help. That must come from the technology sector, and three specific elements: investment, solutions and ecosystems.

IoT investment is evident, with the $100 billion (€86.32) SoftBank Vision Fund being a prime example of major support in advanced technologies. For solutions, we need to make it easy for organisations to provision, update, connect and manage devices, as well as make sense of the incredible amount of diverse data that the IoT is generating. Lastly, IoT requires a strong ecosystem of companies working together to deliver value – one company cannot solve everything alone.

Dealing with data is hard

An Information Age article summed up the massive data explosion, when they cited IDC predictions that 163 zettabytes (ZB), or one trillion gigabytes, of data will be created or copied each year by 2025. That’s ten times the 16.1ZB of data generated in 2016. However, according to a 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Arm, 67% of organisations face challenges with data silos and more than half struggle with data preparation.

To deal with data volumes and complexity, businesses need to be able to seamlessly connect and manage their IoT devices, as well as manage their data flows. Arm has focused on supporting companies with this for several years, but a full solution taking care of all of a company’s data needs, from device-to-data, has only become possible today after we acquired Treasure Data.

The role Treasure Data will play in Arm’s IoT strategy

Treasure Data is a global provider in enterprise data management providing the ability to aggregate and translate massive volumes of scattered and siloed data. The company’s technology deals with data from any source – CRM, ecommerce systems, edge, IoT devices, and any third-party data. The result for customers is an ability to derive meaningful and actionable insights from any disparate data mix.

Treasure Data is the final piece of our IoT enablement puzzle. Its technology, along with that of another recent acquisition (Stream) for connectivity management, combined with Arm Mbed Cloud and our knowledge of the IoT hardware foundation creates something entirely new. We call it the Arm Pelion IoT Platform.

What will the Arm Pelion IoT platform do for devices and data?

The Pelion IoT Platform […]

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Posted on: August 3, 2018

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