Bottos launches first DApp, a data marketplace for AI and IoT

By Anasia D’mello

Bottos announced the launch of its first DApp (Decentralised Application) – Datanno, a global data market place designed to foster innovation in Artificial Intelligence. As the first AI-dedicated public blockchain, Bottos aims to be a distributed Artificial Intelligence platform, and ultimately a new AI ecosystem.

Datanno was created to eliminate the barriers to growth in AI projects through a simple equation: Blockchain + Data x AI. The users of Datanno are classified into three categories: data providers, data requesters and data service providers (data validators, data taggers, and data cleaners). Each of the users play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of the Bottos blockchain.

“We launched Bottos with the goal of making data more accessible and affordable”, said Bottos co-founder Xin Song. “Artificial Intelligence will no doubt increase productivity in the future, and Datanno is blockchain-based technology to connect AI companies and data providers.”

Data is a barrier to development for many AI companies; data acquisition can take up 50-60% of the budget for AI development, and model training can take up to 70% of a project’s time. Global giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon own huge amounts of data and sell it through limited agencies at a very high price.

Bottos anticipates that Datanno will expand the opportunities for data and reduce data costs by as much as 30% in some cases, helping level the playing field for small and mid-size AI companies. Data security is a priority for Bottos, and the company is using several measures to protect data integrity, including encryption, digital signatures, community governance and distributed intelligent storage.

When data is hashed and placed on the blockchain, it is sliced into thousands of pieces, and each of those pieces is stored in different places. Bottos also offers data verification services. Datanno is the company’s first DApp. Bottos’ open-source public blockchain allows developers to build any kind of AI-related DApp, including model market places, data storage sharing networks and computing power sharing networks.

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Posted on: August 8, 2018

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