EXFO joins Ethernet Alliance’s 400G interop at OFC 2018 to demo FlexE

By Zenobia Hegde

EXFO Inc, the network test, monitoring and analytics experts, announced that it will join the Ethernet Alliance’s interoperability demonstration taking place at OFC 2018. EXFO will demonstrate its FlexE capability available on its compact 400G multiservice testing solution designed for both the lab and field.

To deliver the latest revenue-generating services reliably, data centres and communications service providers (CSPs) are constantly looking for ways to achieve optimal bandwidth flexibility.

Gaming, high-definition video conferencing, 4K video streaming and 5G applications such as autonomous driving and IoT, all require a better approach to maximising data transport. Due to its ability to transport different Ethernet rates using existing high-speed infrastructures, FlexE is an important, flexible solution to help carry different types of traffic as efficiently as possible.

About the interoperability demonstration

The live environment demonstration will feature a complete 400G Ethernet client signal embedded in a 4 x 100G FlexE group. This shows EXFO’s ability to test FlexE bounding, sub-rating and channelisation as well as compliancy with the Optical Interworking Forum’s (OIF) Flex Ethernet implementation agreement.

Proven interoperability with an industry-leading transceiver vendor and an FPGA design platform reflects EXFO’s commitment to deliver solutions that network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), CSPs, data centres and other innovators need in order to drive and optimise high-speed networks.

“As the only testing vendor demonstrating FlexE together with the Ethernet Alliance at OFC, we continue to lead the way in providing solutions that help build the new 5G landscape,” said Stéphane Chabot, EXFO’s vice president, Test and Measurement.

See the interoperability demonstration at the Ethernet Alliance booth (2648) and visit EXFO’s booth (2507) during OFC 2018 from March 13-15 in San Diego, California.

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Posted on: March 14, 2018

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