IoT Connectivity Supplement 2018

By IoT Now Magazine

1NCE’s Alexander Sator reveals why the IoT market is ready for ten year, €10 connectivity deals

PLUS: Inside the flat rate debate • Beecham Research on why it’s the small data that holds the key to building the mass-scale IoT • Why IoT connectivity is about bits, billions and cents rather than gigabits, sub-thousand device deployments and large annual fees


INTERVIEW 1NCE’s chief executive, Alexander Sator, tells George Malim why he believes the market is now ready for ten year, €10 connectivity deals
NON-CELLULAR IoT Nick Wood tours the non-cellular IoT connectivity options and concludes the mass market is about bits of data, billions of connections and cents in fees
SMALL DATA Beecham Research’s Robin Duke-Woolley explores why small data is the key to building the Internet of Things
FLAT RATE CONNECTIONS Peter Dykes goes inside the flat rate debate and wonders why such deals haven’t hit the market earlier

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Posted on: February 13, 2018

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