IoT Sensor analytics platform Sixgill banks $27.9M Series B

Sixgill, a platform-as-a-service for managing sensor-data raised a $27.9M Series B round at an unknown valuation. DRW Venture Capital led the round with participation from Mobile Financial Partners.

Sense brings the scattered pieces of IoT together

The company previously raised venture funding of $6M in March last year. Its total equity funding has reached $33.9M in two rounds from three investors. Existing investors led the previous round as well. The platform’s primary use case is helping to collect torrents of new sensor data, originating from multiple sensors, at one place.

“Cheap and plentiful sensors are penetrating every corner of the enterprise, generating valuable data and creating a vast opportunity to make any organization smarter and more responsive.” Sixgill is building the foundation data services that can help every industry tap the next leg of productivity growth,” said Harry Hopper, founder & managing partner at Mobile Financial Partners.

Sixgill Sense

Products include Sixgill Sense, Sixgill mobile SDK called Reach, an API, and a companion app called Sixgill Sync.

The Sense software has a sensor intelligence engine that collects sensor and location data. The platform’s mobile SDK can be added to an existing mobile app to provide the 3rd party mobile app with sensor data intelligence capabilities. Using the mobile app Reach, users can access data from multiple sources such as GPS, a cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and beacons.

Typical scenarios supported by the Sixgill platform include sensor data analysis, triggering rule-based actions, context-specific messaging, and track people and things via a cloud dashboard.

Sixgill markets itself as an end-to-end platform providing acquisition, analysis and action capabilities.

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Posted on: September 20, 2017

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