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Hey, creating an IoT device shouldn’t be rocket science. We believe technology is for everyone. That’s why we’ve developed the whole new, beginner-friendly Plug and Make Kit – the easiest way to get started with Arduino! 

Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to create your first smart solution for everyday life. For example, you can build a fully functional timer, a weather forecast station, or even a game controller – in a single session

There are seven projects complete with step-by-step instructions ready to try (and dedicated tutorials on how to use individual components included): start wherever you like, follow your interests, and have fun with it

  • Weather Report: Never get caught in the rain again, with a visual reminder to take an umbrella when needed.
  • Hourglass: Who needs an egg timer? Customize your own digital hourglass.
  • Eco Watch: Make sure your plants thrive in the perfect temperature and humidity.
  • Game Controller: Level up with your very own HID (human interface device) gamepad.
  • Sonic Synth: Get one step closer to being a rockstar, DJ or sound engineer!
  • Smart Lights: Set the mood with your very own smart lamp.
  • Touchless Lamp: Control lights with a simple gesture.

Our hope is that the skills you learn and satisfaction you gain will fuel your tech journey in making for years to come, wherever your passions may take you. 

This is just the beginning

The components in the Plug and Make Kit can be used to come up with endless new applications – also swiftly integrating with our full ecosystem of hardware and software tools. 

We can’t wait to see the original ideas you will share, for new projects the community can try!

Build it in a snap, control it via the app!

For the Plug and Make Kit, we’ve developed a whole new hardware approach: components just connect together – no breadboard, jumper wires or soldering needed. 

Once you’ve built your device, you’ll find all the resources and support you may need to get going via the Arduino Cloud:

  • Make progress, troubleshoot, or expand your project with step-by-step online guides.
  • Save precious time and focus on bringing your next idea to life, by simply importing templates (pre-configured projects for quick device setup), freely available to turn your ideas into fully operational devices within minutes.
  • Visualize data any way you wish, with unlimited dashboards, also on your smartphone.

Based on makers’ favorite, the UNO R4 WiFi

The Arduino UNO R4 WiFi features a powerful microcontroller with Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, a Qwiic connector, a large LED matrix, and more. If you don’t fully understand what that all means for now, don’t worry: the UNO is the definition of ease of use, and its latest version is perfect for beginners and beyond.

Plug & play with Modulino® 

The Plug and Make Kit offers a collection of seven Modulino® sensors and actuators, all included in the box:

  • Knob: for super-fine value setting
  • Pixels: eight LEDs to shine bright or dim down – you choose!
  • Distance: a time-of-flight proximity sensor to measure distances
  • Movement: to perfectly capture movements like pitch, roll or tilt
  • Buzzer: to compose your own alarm sounds or simple tunes
  • Thermo: a sensor for both temperature and humidity
  • Buttons: three buttons for quick user selection

Each Modulino simply connects via the UNO R4 WiFi’s onboard Qwiic connector: no breadboard, no soldering – and no wondering which side goes where, because the connector is polarized.

If you like the sense of accomplishment you get when things just click, you’ll love this: once you have a few nodes, you can keep your project looking neat by arranging everything on the Modulino Base structural frame. 

Connect to your passions

Whether you are new to making or want to share your passion with someone taking their first steps in this world, the Plug and Make Kit offers the easiest, most fun introduction to a world of possibilities where technology is open to all. 

Ready to put your hands on technology? The Plug and Make Kit can be purchased worldwide from the Arduino Store, as well as from official network of Arduino partners listed below:




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