LACNIC, Google, CaribNOG and Internet Society to Hold ‘Internet Week Trinidad and Tobago’

By Gerard Best

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Registry (LACNIC) and Google will hold a series of workshops next month as part of Internet Week Trinidad and Tobago, an event intended to advance the Internet development agenda of the wider region.

The workshops are part of a project through which LACNIC and Google seek to strengthen digital markets in Central American and Caribbean countries. This joint project seeks to enhance local connectivity and strengthen the ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

A half-day workshop will focus on marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, offering local business owners and start-up founders a package of free training on the use of Google’s digital marketing tools.

A two-day workshop will focus on the nuts and bolts of Internet connectivity and traffic optimization, covering a range of technical issues such as the new Internet Protocol (IPv6), routing security (BGP and RPKI), peering models, open standards and root servers.

Another workshop, under the umbrella of LACNIC’s AMPARO project, will address emerging cybersecurity issues across the region.

As part of Internet Week Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG) will hold its sixteenth regional meeting, an all-day affair held with the support of the Internet Society. CaribNOG 16 will focus on cybersecurity, outlining some of the foundational and necessary steps to secure an online environment in which Caribbean businesses can compete and collaborate internationally, across all industries.

The Internet Society will also conduct a session, continuing its capacity-building campaigns in the Caribbean region, this time with a particular focus on the issues of disaster management and mitigation.

The four-day event, held from October 2nd to 5th, is being held with the support of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The workshop series in Trinidad and Tobago follows a similar conference held in Guatemala City last month, with the local support of the Guatemalan telecommunications regulator. Another series will be held later this year in the Dominican Republic.

Written by Gerard Best, Development Journalist

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Posted on: September 14, 2018

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