Microsoft: Russian Hackers Targeted Companies Through IoT Hardware

By Ryan Whitwam

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The ever-growing network of the internet of things (IoT) can make life more convenient by automating your home and delivering data wherever you are. However, all those internet-connected devices can also provide a massive attack surface for online criminals. We’ve already seen malware that targets IoT hardware, but now Microsoft says it has uncovered a

Don’t pick up — it’s the hackers.

Microsoft only spotted this attack because it has insights into so many corporate networks via Windows software. It detected around 1,400 intrusions via IoT hardware. About 20 percent of the infiltrations have been at non-government organizations, think tanks, and other political organizations. The remaining 80 percent focused on government, military, technology firms, and other entities. The campaign even targeted Olympic organizing committees and anti-doping agencies, both of which have been problems for Russian interests.

Microsoft offers a raft of suggestions for improving IoT security, which starts with securing approval before plugging in new IoT devices. Unauthorized hardware can circumvent many security measures on a network, as NASA found out recently. Microsoft also suggests setting up secure networks specifically for IoT hardware and monitoring the connections for unusual activity. You can see the full list in Microsoft’s blog post.

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Posted on: August 6, 2019

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