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When playing golf, few things are as important as using the correct form when swinging, since even small deviations can be the difference between a hole-in-one and additional strokes. To improve his game, Concept Bytes has designed a small clip-on device called the “Club Master.” With it, he can get a live display of various data points which help track power, distance, and acceleration.

Collecting and processing all of this data is an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect due to its fast microcontroller, BLE connectivity, and onboard six-axis IMU, which meant an external accelerometer was not required. Before placing everything into a small, 3D-printed enclosure, Concept Bytes added power to his device with a single LiPo battery cell attached to a step-up voltage converter.

The Club Master’s Arduino sketch continuously reads the latest acceleration data from the board’s IMU before performing a series of calculations to derive metrics including swing speed, the number of strokes, and distance traveled. All of the results are then sent to the Arduino Cloud and shown in a mobile-friendly IoT Remote app dashboard for quick access outdoors on the range.

More details about the Club Master can be found in the TikTok video below, and if you’re curious about how edge ML can improve your putting, check out the Golf Ace project here.

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