The U.S. House Judiciary Committee Is Investigating Google’s Plans to Implement DNS Over HTTPS

By CircleID Reporter

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee is investigating Google’s plans to implement DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Chrome according to a report by the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. Congressional antitrust investigators say Google could use the new protocol to gain more significant competitive advantage by making access to consumer data harder for others. In a letter issued this month, the Journal reports investigators for the House Judiciary Committee have requested more information from Google on the “decision regarding whether to adopt or promote the adoption” of the protocol claimed to improve Internet security.

Google has denied the accusations stating in an emailed statement: “Google has no plans to centralize or change people’s DNS providers to Google by default. Any claim that we are trying to become the centralized encrypted DNS provider is inaccurate.”

“We knew this was a controversial topic within the smallish Internet technical community, but were not quite prepared for it to blossom into a front-page-of-a-national-newspaper kind of a debate,” writes Milton Mueller today in response to the report. He notes: “this is not a Justice Department antitrust probe, it is initiated by a congressional committee that is known for being rather political.”

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Posted on: October 1, 2019

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