To Achieve 5G, US Needs National Interagency Action Plan

By Cablefax Staff

Senate Homeland Security questioned government officials Thursday on just how the US came to fall behind in the global race to 5G, and FCC commish Jessica Rosenworcel said its all about establishing a national plan and sticking to it.

She laid out four key ideas that should be included in the interagency plan, and it all starts with securing a 5G supply chain. With that, the US needs to establish an approach to supply chain security that takes more than just US networks into account. It should also consider the future of connected devices and the Internet of Things. But where she and her colleagues at the FCC need to change course the most, Rosenworcel said, is in their approach to freeing spectrum for 5G.

“The truth is we’ve rested on our 4G laurels and that’s not a good place to sit,” Rosenworcel said in response to questioning from Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT). “If I had to choose one thing that we should change right now, we need a spectrum strategy that makes sure 5G service gets to everyone all across the country.”

She criticized the FCC for prioritizing the auctioning of high-band spectrum, which she said can only propagate “between one corner of this room and the other,” rather than valuable midband spectrum. “We will never make that an economic way to deploy 5G everywhere and it will reduce our power and our scale for equipment, devices and innovation,” Rosenworcel said.

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Posted on: November 1, 2019

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