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What Drives IPv6 Deployment?

It’s been almost seven years since World IPv6 Launch day on 6 June 2011 (*). In those seven years, we’ve managed to place ever-increasing pressure on the dwindling pools of available IPv4 addresses, but we have still been unable to complete the transition to an all-IPv6 Internet.

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EU Considers Integrating New Norms of Cyberwar Into Security Policies

By CircleID Reporter

“The European Parliament has been asked to adopt a new set of ‘norms’ about online conflict,” reports Simon Sharwood in The Register. “The norms were developed by the Global Commission on the Stability for Cyberspace (GCSC), a group backed and funded by the governments of The Netherlands, France and Singapore, together with Microsoft and The Internet Society, that works to safeguard the Internet. One of the ways the GCSC thinks it can achieve its mission is by defining rules of cyber-war and having as many nations as possible sign up to them. … The GCSC’s norms suggest that core internet protocols like DNS, border gateway protocol and IPv6, and the infrastructure that keeps them running, should be off-limits during cyber-conflict because of the likely unpleasant effects on civilians.”

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