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Cleer Space Smart Home Speaker with Alibaba AI Voice Service Support Debuts at CES

By IoT – Internet of Things

Be in the moment as Cleer Inc., a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, designer, and manufacturer of high-performance headphones and electronics, announces the SPACE, Smart Home Speaker with Alibaba AI Voice Service to be shown and demonstrated at The Venetian Hotel – Suite 29-324 during CES 2018. Introducing audio-enjoyment redefined – the SPACE, Smart Home […]

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Seek Thermal To Debut New Technology and White Paper at the IoT Tech Expo North America

By IoT – Internet of Things

Seek Thermal™, the company behind some of the most groundbreaking, low cost, and high-resolution thermal imaging products and core platforms, is exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo North America, November 29-30, 2017 in Santa Clara, CA.At the show, Seek Thermal is showcasing the company’s thermal imaging technology and demonstrating a concept designed specifically for IoT. […]

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NG-PON2 can be the key for long-term success

By Sheetal Kumbhar

Next-generation fiber technologies such as NG-PON2 represent a paradigm shift in the access space and a more certain path towards long-term success, according to Vincent O’Byrne, director of Technology at Verizon.

This viewpoint is among others that will be explored by the Broadband Forum’s Access Summit, which features operators and manufacturers, as well as industry insight from Light Reading, IHS and the Fiber Broadband Association.

Taking place at Broadband World Forum, at the Messe Berlin, on Tuesday, October 24, the agenda features O’Byrne who will explain how the fiber access space is constantly evolving, with emerging PON technology providing solutions to some of the issues around cost and reliability.

“Technologies such as NG-PON2 present exciting new opportunities for vendors, such as delivering residential and business services on multiple wavelengths over the same fiber,” said O’Byrne. “Not only does NG-PON2 parse business and residential customer traffic to isolate and resolve potential problems in the network, it can also scale to achieve speeds of 40 Gbps and above.”

Vincent O’Byrne

Delegates attending the summit will hear how some of the Broadband Forum’s current projects relate to this need, with its NG-PON2 Council working to accelerate adoption of the technology.

Additional topics that will be covered include Gfast, the gigabit society, Access 4.0, Fiber to the Distribution Point and the role virtualisation has to play in the next generation of networks.

Bernd Hesse, chair of the Broadband Access Summit Event and senior director Technology Development at Calix, said: “We will be exploring NG-PON2 in depth and the use cases that underpin the decisions to deploy them. I look forward to the debate, hearing from the experts in the industry and welcoming the community to these new Forum events.”

The full list of companies taking part in the summit is as follows: Calix, IDATE, ADTRAN, Sckipio, Corning, UNH-IOL, Go! Foton, PIC Advanced, Commscope, BiFrost Communications, Nokia, Altice Labs, Telebyte, Fiber Broadband Association, BT, Verizon, AT&T, Portugal Telecom, DT, Vodafone and CYTA.

A second event will be held in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 29, with the following companies participating: Calix, Fiber Broadband Association, DSL Prime, Sckipio, BiFrost Communications, Commscope, Go! Foton, HiSense Broadband Multimedia, PIC Advanced, Telebyte, Corning, Ericsson, EXFO, Nokia, ARRIS, Ovum, IHS, AT&T, Lumos Networks, Momentum Telecom, CenturyLink, Digital C and Verizon.

To register to attend, please click here.

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A Week in IoT: Not so dumb now, huh?

By Jeremy Cowan

We take it for granted amid the growing Internet of Things that enterprises deploying IoT solutions are taking a transformational step in their business as they connect hitherto isolated devices. Companies are giving ‘voice’ to dumb assets, says Jeremy Cowan, like street lights, parking spaces, water pumps, and transport vehicles.

In reality, they are doing so much more than that; these firms are changing their entire business model from machinery suppliers to data gatherers and analysts. I’m thinking, for example, of tyre makers like Michelin transforming their fleet business from rubber vendors to service providers offering subscribers (no longer just their ‘customers’, you’ll note) advice on fleet mobility and the planned lifecycle of transport assets.

I was reminded of that this week talking to Ayla Networks; it’s not only the corporate clients who are changing their business models – it affects those further up the delivery chain. Ayla was briefing me on its new Phone-as-a-Gateway (more of which later this week, Ed.). Inevitably dubbed PaaG, it takes locally-controlled Bluetooth devices (think power tools, water fountains, microwave ovens, even electric toothbrushes) and connects them to the Ayla Cloud via a mobile device so that manufacturers and users can learn from the usage data they generate. This Bluetooth network gets around the prohibitive costs of cellular connectivity for low value items, and the limitations of cellular networks in remote or hard to access areas.

Josh Pederson says Ayla Networks’ consulting arm guides customers through the possible outcomes of IoT

This isn’t just going to change the companies that use PaaG. I had to ask, ”Isn’t this also changing your own business model at Ayla? After all, you’re no longer simply selling a hardware or software solution, you’re providing data management for your customers.”

Josh Pederson, Ayla’s director of Product, said that its consulting arm now guides customers through the possible outcomes, towards business transformation. Clearly, this transformation is affecting both customers and suppliers.

Testing the IoT weather

I’ve been mulling over the state of the IoT market, prompted by the latest annual Vodafone IoT Barometer 2017/’18. Hats off first to Voda for investing time and effort for the past five years in sharing their understanding of the IoT market. It always makes fascination reading, but especially when you hear (as we occasionally do) the cynics saying the Internet of Things is all hype and underperformance. One thing’s for sure, the nay-sayers aren’t talking to the same people as us or Vodafone.

Among the latest highlights, the proportion of companies using IoT (the adopters) has more than doubled in these five years. Adoption has risen from 12% in 2013 to 29% in 2017. Transport & logistics (19% to 27%) and retail (20% to 26%) have shown the largest year-on-year gains from 2016.

Organisations using IoT are doing more of it. More than eight out of 10 (84%) agree that “Our adoption/use of IoT solutions has grown in the last 12 months.” As many as 12% of adopters now have at least 10,000 connected devices, and the share with more than 50,000 […]

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