Quectel Claims 5G Data Call With Millimeter-Wave IoT Module

By Dan Jones Quectel tests 5G IoT mmWave module, AsusTek slated to use it in next-gen laptops.

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Get a Comprehensive Computer Science Education For Just $39

By Michael Justin Allen Sexton

Forgot to major in Computer Science in college? You might be kicking yourself as all those CS majors keep scoring high-paying jobs in extremely competitive and exciting industries. But it’s not too late to get a comprehensive computer science education and start commanding a big-time paycheck. You can also do it without breaking the bank with help from The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle, available now for just $39.

This 11-course bundle includes more than 170 hours of training in a variety of computer science topics, from coding to database administration. It’s the kind of comprehensive education you’d get in college, just without all the debt. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Complete C# Masterclass – Learn one of today’s most popular coding languages through real-world projects.
  • Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa – Discover how to build apps that can be controlled by your voice.
  • Learn By Example: Scala – Discover how to scale major programming projects with this general-purpose language.
  • Software Testing Omnibus – Get familiar with some of today’s top testing tools like Selenium WebDriver, Sikuli, and more.
  • Arduino IoT Cloud Bootcamp – Connect the world around you to the Cloud by using Arduino.
  • The 2019 JavaScript Developer Bootcamp – Learn object-oriented programming and how to build websites with JavaScript.
  • Start Golang Programming Today & Become a Master of Google Go – Understand Google’s proprietary programming language and add it to your resume.
  • Start Python 3 Programming Today – Master Python, one of the most important general-purpose languages in tech.
  • The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course with 5 Projects – Build dynamic web pages and manage databases with PHP and MySQL.
  • Break Away: Programming & Coding Interviews – Ace your coding interviews with help from tech experts from Google and Flipkart.
  • From 0 to 1: Data Structures & Algorithms in Java – Understand how computer systems organize and manipulate data.

This giant bundle will give you a nuanced, broad skill set that can help you earn your first job in tech and start climbing the ladder. Get all 11 courses in The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle for just $39 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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New Security Certification for IoT Devices

By Keith D. Foote

In a recent press release, it was commented that “Affinity IoT Security Labs recently announced a new security certification program. The certification helps IoT device manufacturers close the gap on security vulnerabilities. By certifying their devices, IoT marketers can distinguish themselves from the competition and build trust with consumers that their devices will securely interact […]

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Islands in the IPv6 world

By Robbie Mitchell Tonga Communications Corporation expects its fibre customers to be able to connect via IPv6 by the end of 2019.

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Sequans’ IoT Chips Approved for Use by 3 Largest Japanese Mobile Operators

Sequans’ Monarch SiP and GM01Q module for LTE-M and NB-IoT networks now certified by Japan’s three largest mobile operators.

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