TomTom launches AutoStream: A revolutionary map delivery service for autonomous driving

By Zenobia Hegde

TomTom (TOM2), announced the launch of TomTom AutoStream, an innovative map delivery service for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems. They are the first partners to use the technology: Baidu and Zenuity.

TomTom AutoStream enables vehicles to build a horizon for the road ahead by streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud. By ensuring that the map used to power advanced driving functions is always the latest, TomTom AutoStream enhances driver comfort and safety.

Willem Strijbosch, TomTom’s head of Autonomous Driving, said: “The launch of TomTom AutoStream is a game-changer for OEMs and technology companies that are working on the future of driving. TomTom AutoStream allows vehicles to access the latest, most up-to-date TomTom map data for their driving automation functions.”

TomTom AutoStream is designed in a flexible way, allowing customers to customise the map data stream based on criteria such as sensor configuration and horizon length. It can stream a wide variety of map data including ADAS attributes such as gradient and curvature, and the TomTom HD Map with RoadDNA. This flexibility allows customers to use AutoStream to power a wide range of driving automation functions.

Strijbosch continues: “Our early investment in the TomTom advanced map-making platform means that we can continue to deliver revolutionary innovations like TomTom AutoStream. With TomTom AutoStream we can significantly simplify and shorten the development time for our customers, accelerating the future of driving.”

TomTom AutoStream ensures that the TomTom map data used to power advanced driving functions is the latest, most accurate available, enabling a safer and more comfortable experience.

“With AutoStream TomTom is offering an innovative map delivery system targeted at automated driving,” said Roger C. Lanctot, director, Automotive Connected Mobility for Strategy Analytics. “The development is targeted at helping automakers bring ADAS and autonomous driving functions to market faster.”

TomTom AutoStream will be available for production usage in 2018.

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