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By Kirsty Tobin

The internet of things is everywhere. Literally. From the smartphone in your pocket to the your Fitbit, to the smart thermostats that are becoming more prevalent, internet of things (IoT) devices are taking over our lives.

IoT is all-encompassing, but the building blocks supporting the new technology – and the technology itself – don’t materialise out of nowhere. Someone has to build it.

As the IoT sector has grown, so too has the number of companies competing in that sphere. Many of these are even Irish or have an Irish base of operations.

It’s an exciting area to get into, as a company or as an employee, and career opportunities can be plentiful.

To help you cut through the sheer number of companies hiring in the IoT sector, we’ve selected a handful of the best companies hiring right now. Check them out below.


The Swiss-headquartered U-blox is a supplier of chips and modules for wireless communication and position, with a strong focus on creating solutions for IoT.

With work encompassing connected vehicles, cities and industry, U-blox endeavours to make it easier and more secure to connect products to the internet of things.

The company’s Irish operation is based in Cork, and design team leads, RFIC design engineers, RF analogue layout engineers, and others, are currently sought for that location.


This week’s Start-up of the Week, Wia is a NDRC-based IoT start-up that aims to provide makers with a platform on which to bring projects to life.

The company provides cloud infrastructure for the building of real-time sensor and location applications, utilising ready-made APIs to create applications without the need for knowledge of complex infrastructures.

Wia is currently seeking candidates for roles in development and marketing.

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